In Honor of My Dad, the Man Who Taught Me To Love All Animals

My father was my ultimate inspiration. As a hardworking farmer, he dedicated himself to his craft, toiling under the sun and rain, tending to crops, and ensuring all tasks were completed. I vividly remember him carrying a calf from the back pasture with my mother attentively by his side. His grounded nature and genuine connection with animals instilled in me a lifelong love for dogs and all creatures.

The E & S family sitting on a swing.A man holding a shirt with a tiger printA man playing with a black dog

What He Taught Me

My dad taught me invaluable skills, from catching chickens at night to excelling at softball and drawing from the heart. However, his most significant lesson was teaching me and my siblings that hard work, sweat, and patience would bring you good in the end, even if it took years.

The E & S family sitting on a benchPortrait of the E & S Owners smilingTwo dogs looking through the window

Losing My Hero

I lost my dad on November 23, 2011. Then, my mom, whom I also greatly admired, reunited with him on November 7, 2017. Losing them has taught me the importance of expressing love and gratitude to our cherished ones, especially our heroes. Even if your loved ones are no longer with you, you can still connect with them through your thoughts and send them your heartfelt affection.