A Tribute to Ed: Beloved Best Friend, Helper, and Husband

When you visit E & S AKC Shih Tzu Farm, you will see evidence of Ed’s hard work and how he turned my farm and garden ideas into reality. I honor his memory by placing pictures of him enjoying life with our dogs or working in our garden on the farm. There are even photos with unique stories behind them, like the image of the huge squash and pickles I grew from old seed packages, which he didn’t think would flourish.

Ed sitting on a stump in front of corn stalks and pumpkinsA man carrying hay balesEd sitting on a swing playing with a dog
Ed holding a metal pole

Get To Know My Life Partner

Ed had always loved the dogs the most among all our farm animals. He constantly spoils them with treats and toys, whether bought new or from yard sales. Since we met, Ed has been a source of support and joy in my life. When I faced the loss of my son, grandson, brother, and dad, he held me up and provided the strength I needed to carry on. Today, I rely on the resilience he helped me gain to navigate life after his loss.

Best Memories With Him

Life with Ed was both a thrilling adventure and a calm serenity. With him by my side, I got to fish in the Florida Keys and enjoy breakfast with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. Yet, our most cherished moments were created right here on the farm. He and I delighted in watching movies with our dogs, sitting on the deck to observe the birds and listen to the frogs, and witnessing tree leaves gracefully dance in the breeze.

Ed chilling outside with a cute dogEd sleeping on a sofa with a dog in his lapEd holding a big butterfly wing props

The Day I Lost Ed

On July 14, 2012, I lost my teammate and life partner, Ed. My life changed in an instant. What was supposed to be a simple hospital visit to mend his eyebrow turned into weeks by his side, witnessing his final moments. Despite my hopes, there was no saving him.

During this trying time, people still talked with me about buying puppies. They and my past customers gave me their prayers and support, which I felt and am thankful for. God truly brings those that you need to you.

Ed sleeping in a chair while holding a dog